The View From Here – Watching Them Learn

First we watched the video about the associative law of addition, then I demonstrated it with our plastic math animals.  My oldest understood it quickly (really, he’s the only one who should) and asked to demonstrate it with their stuffies.  

Then we watched a second video (boy, were they excited!).  This one about linking verbs. I paused the video in a few places to talk about how action verbs are different from linking verbs.  I then drew pictures of if the verbs were actually action verbs to demonstrate how the meaning would change.  Aren’t my drawings amazing? ; ) The cat is feeling cotton balls and the cheese is smelling a stinky diaper.  

“Read Lolo!”  The book we picked up used from amazon for our Africa studies (the story is located in South Africa) is my little girl’s current favorite book.    

I just love watching them learn.  How’s the view where you are? 

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