Catching Classical – Notebook Pages for Cycle 2

One of our favorite ways to practice our CC memory work at home is through notebooking.  Because we're in the grammar stage, I'm not looking to use our notebooks to expound on the memory work at this time, but really focus on nailing in the memory pegs.  We'll be using the Wisdom & Righteousness memory work lapbooks in our … [Read more...]

What We're Doing – Week Three Links

As you probably noticed last week, I will add in other activities and ideas as time allows and inspiration strikes, but here is the basic list of links we're planning to use in conjunction with our new grammar for week 3.And if inspiration strikes, I'll be sure to share ideas with you!History - Greek gods information & coloring … [Read more...]

Notebook Pages – Printable Links

Many of our notebook pages will not come from pre-made worksheets, but some will! I've selected the ones I think we'll be using for the first 12 weeks of cycle one and thought I'd share the links with you now.  I picked ones that I thought would be most relevant to our weekly grammar, that my littles could mostly complete independently, and … [Read more...]