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Many of our notebook pages will not come from pre-made worksheets, but some will! I’ve selected the ones I think we’ll be using for the first 12 weeks of cycle one and thought I’d share the links with you now.  I picked ones that I thought would be most relevant to our weekly grammar, that my littles could mostly complete independently, and were free of charge, when possible.  In some cases, we’ll be using only portions or making modifications, like when the printable is intended for a lap book. Feel free to share any links to worksheets you’re using in the comments!

Animal Classification Lapbook

Skip Counting worksheets

Pretend Passport

Symmetrical Pictures to Finish

More Symmetrical Pictures to FInish

Greek Gods Coloring Sheets

Animal Cell Worksheet

Animal/Plant Coloring Sheet

Ancient Wonders Coloring Sheets

Animal Classification Cards

Hundreds Chart

Parts of a Plant worksheets

Leaf worksheets

Woodland Scavenger Hunt Cards

Photosynthesis Infographic

(Note: This post has been edited to include 2 more resources – “More Symmetrical Pictures to Finish” and “Animal/Plant Cell Coloring Sheet”, which are free, as opposed to the original 2 versions posted, which require a subscription. The original links can still be found in the post. Also, the drawing an owl – OILS, was removed because I realized there was no worksheet component. Anyway, hope these updates are helpful to you!)


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      I laminated them & they trace the lines connecting the numbers while saying the numbers & rhyming aloud. Just another way to get it in! 🙂

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    Have you started working on the 2nd semester’s worksheets? I would really like something like this for my 5 year old to keep tract of all of her work! We have a new little one arriving about 2 weeks into 2 semester and this mommy needs to get hopping!! Thanks a ton!!

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      Hey Kenan! So glad to hear from you : ) I’m definitely starting to narrow down my list of choices for the next 12 weeks. I’ll compile a post of worksheets ASAP! Congrats on your new little one! : ) Praying your transition time is smooth & full of joy!

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      Hey Kenan! I hope you see I’ve created the new post with printable links for weeks 13-24. It took me a bit longer than expected due to illness, etc, but it’s done! I hope you find it helpful. 🙂

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