Catching Classical – Notebook Pages for Cycle 2

One of our favorite ways to practice our CC memory work at home is through notebooking.  Because we’re in the grammar stage, I’m not looking to use our notebooks to expound on the memory work at this time, but really focus on nailing in the memory pegs.  We’ll be using the Wisdom & Righteousness memory work lapbooks in our notebooks, along with some other printables I’ve found online.  In some cases, we’ll simply use plain art paper to draw on or lined paper for copywork.  I’ve curated my favorite printables into this collection for us to use.  Maybe they’ll work for you too!


Blank Review Sheets, History Sentence Picture Pages and Fill-in-the-Blank Review Sheets (for all 24 weeks! made by Homeschooling with a Classical Twist) I hope to use the blank review sheet at the end of each week for my oldest little.  I’ll use the fill-in-the-blank version for my second oldest.

Food Chain Activity Cards

1st Conjugation Latin Match-Ups

States of Matter Picture Cards (plasma not included!)

100 Number Chart

Mirror Image – Owl

Hello, My Name Is Tag – “A noun names…” My littles will write English grammar’s week 17 memory work on this print-out.

Solar System Diagram

Skip Counting Charts (up to 15s)

Skip Counting Worksheets (through 10s)

Skip Counting Mazes (through 12s)

Make-Your-Own Skip Counting Maze I used this to create mazes for skip counting 13s, 14s, and 15s, which are hard to find among most standard worksheets.

Circle-and-Write Skip Counting Sheets, Simple Latin Chart: 1st Conjugation, Blank Illustration Page, Fine Arts Notebooking Packet (made by Half-A-Hundred Acre Wood) We’ll be using the blank illustration page for our science memory work.

U.S. Presidents Coloring Pages

Art Coloring Pages

Orchestra Activity Pages

Continental Blob Maps

Cycle 2 Geography Cards

Handwriting Worksheet Maker This site allows you to make a traceable handwriting worksheet in print, cursive or D’Nealian.  You enter the material for tracing.  I’ll use this for my younger ones to practice writing the memory work.

Latin Pronunciation Helps – print two copies of each to play matching game.

Printables found only on Classical Conversations Connected:

History Sentence Review Cards

Science Printables

Mini Timeline Cards – Melody of And Here We Go created mini timeline cards with the help of her husband for her family.  Another CC mom (user daniellecyrus) has posted a set on C3, which can save you the work.  If you’d like to make your own set and you’re not on C3, you can follow Melody’s directions. [UPDATE: the mini timeline cards no longer appear to be available on C3.]

English, History, and Science Traceables – If you’re on C3 this would be a great timesaver to making your own traceable print worksheets (link above), because Suzanne of Suzanne Shares has already made these subjects for you.

Some of these printables are generic worksheets I’ve found online, but so many are the creations of other CC moms.  Guys, are you so impressed by their beautiful work? I totally am! I’m so grateful for the time they’ve spent and their gift of sharing with all of us in the CC community.  Thank you, ladies!

Have you discovered any favorites that I’ve failed to include? If so, please share! 


    • says

      Thanks for making such great work! & sharing with all of us! : ) They look amazing & are going to be so great for review. 🙂 I’m glad you’ve found some new ideas here!

    • Michelle says

      Thanks for all your great ideas! We joined CC connected and but could not find anything under daniellecyrus. We would love to get the mini timeline cards. (We purchased the big ones, of course). We don’t have time to make them though. Any advice? Thanks!

  1. says

    We have a LOT of same faves and we love our notebook too! Make sure to check out daniellecyrus on C3: She also posted a set of timeline stickers to print. Can’t wait to use these with my littlest one: She’s OBSESSED with stickers right now! :o)

  2. Julie Bolin says

    Love your resources, however all of the usernames that are referenced in the CC Connected file sharing are no longer posted.


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