Summer Work – Classical Conversations Practicum 2012

Classical Conversations Practicum

I just registered myself for the summer CC practicum & my littles for the CC day camps near my home.  

Lucky for us, the practicum & day camps are being held at our local CC campus, SO… 

1) it’ll be a short drive (with a Dunkin Donuts en route!), 

2) I’ll know most, if not all, of the organizers, 

3) many of my homeschooling mommy friends will be there, 

4) my littles will most likely know the tutors in their rooms and 

5) my littles will also be with their friends!  

All these things sound like ingredients for a great time, not to mention, some learning! 

How about you? Are you going? If not, go here to check it out! You just might think it will be a great time for your family too!  


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    I’m so sorry that we are going to miss it this year. 🙁 We will be on vacation that week. We really enjoyed it last year and it would have been fun to do it with our friends this year.

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    We will be there (minus Micah) – can’t wait! I think the kids will have a great time too! And I LOVE that it is so much closer this year!!!

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    Oh, bummer, Christy! But, enjoy your vacation! 🙂

    Sarah & Becki, we’ll see you & your families there! (& probably before then too!)

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