Week 21 – History

History - First Moon LandingA quick search on YouTube gave us this video of the first moon landing in 1969 to watch.  YouTube is a great resource for this kind of thing.  Do you use YouTube for school? … [Read more...]

Week 21 – Math

Math - Associative LawUsing food coloring and a primary & secondary color wheel, we played around with the associative law for addition. I assigned a letter to each color & first we just followed the pattern of the color wheel for mixing.  Next, we placed all three colors together in the center of the color wheel.  We … [Read more...]

Week 21 – Fine Arts

Fine Arts - Acting out the StoryWe listened to some classical music at home and I asked the boys to act out the stories they heard in the songs.  They were shy at first, but really had fun with it once they saw me doing it.  Lots of giggles were happening! I laid a few ground rules - 1) no sounds from us, 2) no touching each other and 3) … [Read more...]

Week 20 – Geography

Geography - Delaware CanalBeing in the northeast, we are in such close proximity to so many great spots from early American history.  It has really been a treat to learn about moments in history & visit the exact locations!  As you know, we learned about canals this week in geography.  Here are some pics from our afternoon trip … [Read more...]

Week 20 – Science

Science {Sorta} - Biblical WorldviewSo, I'm not sure this would exactly qualify as science...But, since this week's sentence was about the theory of evolution I thought it was time to put words to something we practice in our everyday life.  & that is - a Biblical worldview. I definitely want our children to understand that the Bible is … [Read more...]

Week 20 – Science

{Homemade} ScienceWe took science to the kitchen today & learned about how "elements" can change when combined. First, we tasted both lemon and sugar separately.  One was tart while the other was sweet. Then we tasted some homemade lemonade to see how combining one tart ingredient with one sweet ingredient plus some water would change the … [Read more...]

Week 20 – Science

Science - The Franklin InstituteOur family took part today in a trip to The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia organized by our local CC community.  The littles & I had never been before.  My husband, being a native of the Philadelphia area, had fond childhood memories of trips to the science museum. There were so many great hands-on … [Read more...]

Week 19 – Geography

Geography - Trail WalkWe capitalized on the beautiful weather outside our door today & headed to our local park for a trail walk.  While there, we had such a good time & used our imaginations to talk about what trail travel may have been like many years ago.  The boys were able to draw on the knowledge they've gained in our … [Read more...]

Week 19 – Fine Arts/ Music

Music - NY Philharmonic OrchestraI imagine it's becoming pretty evident that I really like visual or hands on learning!  Today we watched a concert of the NY Philharmonic Orchestra performing in Central Park, thanks to our PBS channel.  The boys were readily identifying different instruments and especially liked watching the conductor. … [Read more...]

Week 18 – Math

Math - Measuring Feet & A Scavenger HuntFor a little fun with our new math, we traced & measured our own feet.  I also armed each child with a ruler & sent them throughout the house on a 12"/foot long scavenger hunt.  Each child was tasked with finding 3 different items that were 12" long.  It only took them a matter of … [Read more...]