Cycle 3: Week 1

CC Cycle 3: Week One

Each week, I’ll post a fun idea or two related to the CC Cycle 3 memory work. In the past, I posted an idea for each subject, each week. But, it was a bit of overkill – at least for us and the time we have. I’m keeping it simpler this year.  If you’re keeping it classical, remember, the first goal is to memorize the memory work for each subject. Next, it’s to read quality books. So consider this a bonus activity, if you have the time and interest. I always try to select ideas, which are attainable and flexible, so they can be done easily and in a number of ways for a number of ages. We like to keep it one room schoolhouse style as often as possible here. Without further adieu, week one!


Fine Arts + Geography: I was so excited to stumble upon this book at our public library, entitled How to Draw Pennsylvania’s Sights and Symbols. As you may have guessed, we live in Pennsylvania. I looked on Amazon and I see lots of other states offered, so maybe your library has a copy of your state’s edition. But, I love the idea of combining Fine Arts with our study of the states.


That’s it. For review, we’re simply reciting the memory work, tracing the states, and blobbing. Oh & you should know, we started tracing this week using our deli paper instead of tracing paper & it worked great! Yay for saving money!









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