7 Ways A Classical Education Works With A Christian Worldview

Classical Conversations is a classical, Christian education.  Some might see those words placed together and not see the connection.  In fact, some might go as far as to say they don't connect.  It probably won't surprise you to hear me say, well, they do go together!  Actually, I'm a firm believer that classical + Christian are … [Read more...]


The Making of a Memory Master

As most of us are well into the second half of our CC cycle, it seems like a great time to republish this post on becoming a memory master.  If you weren't thinking about it at the beginning of the cycle, perhaps you are now.  Perhaps your little scholars are asking to "do memory master." Here's what's worked for us --Am I really bringing … [Read more...]


Tips From A Tutor: Preparing Your 4 Year Old

This year my third child is starting Classical Conversations as a 4 year old Junior Abecedarian.  Whenever possible, I like to prepare my littles for new experiences before sending them off.  I asked my friend and son's tutor for recommendations on getting my little guy ready.  If you're like that too, here are 3 things you might … [Read more...]


How to Homeschool Through High School

Last night I had the great opportunity to attend a CC event held in my area, entitled Homeschooling through High School with CC CEO Robert Bortins.  It was an encouragement to me on many levels.  I really appreciated the way Robert weaved scripture throughout his talk as the basis for the educational choices made by his family and for the … [Read more...]


The View from Here – Our Memory Master Day

HE DID IT! My biggest little is a memory master!Yesterday was our campus' memory master test day.  The view from here was like this...  We started with a homemade breakfast of brain food.  With a 10:30 testing time slot, we had plenty of time for a relaxing start to our day.  On the drive there, I tried to relate the testing to … [Read more...]


The View From Here – Memory Master Proofing

My biggest guy is doing his first round of memory master proofing with a close family friend today.  Anyone nervous besides me?? My son nervous? Nope, he's confident.My husband nervous? Nope, he's confident.  I think it's time for me to distract myself by baking brownies.  … [Read more...]


The View from Here – Memory Master Review

We are deep into memory master review here, folks.  My little man and I are both resisting the impulse to quit and rest.  Rather, we are buckling down and trying hard.  Memorizing all the math grammar has been especially hard for him.  I'm trying to think of interesting, yet simple ways for him to review.  If the method is … [Read more...]


Stick in the Sand

I read Leigh Bortins' The Core over the summer along with The Well Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise.  Both books had such a grounding effect on my thoughts for teaching my children and really connected the dots for me about classical education.  So, in the midst of all the planning, and as we prepare to start at … [Read more...]

Foundations Guide Updates

3rd Edition, anyone?Okay, so along with my husband, I decided to keep my 3rd edition Foundations Guide that served our family well last year.  Which meant, I spent my Friday night adding updates to the grammar.  If you're keeping your 3rd edition too, be encouraged! It didn't take long at all.  Some I simply penned in, because they … [Read more...]