The View from Here – Memory Master Review

We are deep into memory master review here, folks.  My little man and I are both resisting the impulse to quit and rest.  Rather, we are buckling down and trying hard.  Memorizing all the math grammar has been especially hard for him.  I’m trying to think of interesting, yet simple ways for him to review.  If the method is too complicated, I find it distracts from the actual work of memorizing.  

Pictured here, he is practicing skip counting by 15.  First, I gave him a stack of blank notecards and asked him to copy the numbers from the skip counting cards for 14 and 15. Next, I asked him to correctly group and order them.  Finally, I encouraged him to review them by flipping more and more of the numbers over until he could say them all to himself with the cards face down.  

After he spent about 15 minutes doing this himself, I reviewed the skip counting with him to see what he learned.  I thought this worked really well, because he was involved with the numbers in so many different ways: 1) reading them, 2) writing them, 3) sorting them, 4) ordering them, and 5) reciting them.  Also, it kept him focused on the work of memorizing by himself for 15 minutes.  Not easy to do! 

How about you? Are any of your little scholars striving for memory master? What’s working for you? Please share! I’m sure we could all benefit. 

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