Preparing for Memory Masters: Simple Methods for Memorizing

  We're on the final stretch of our Classical Conversations year. One of my guys is aiming for memory master status, but still needs to fine-tune some of the memory work. We're relying on what's tried and true by practicing using these simple methods for memorizing:   1. Making flash cards. He handmade flashcards today for John 1 in … [Read more...]

Conversations with My Littles: The Bible is History

  I love the conversations classically homeschooling our family has afforded. Because our core subjects are on the same topics, we are able to have conversations where everyone can join in. Today I was reading out loud to them, An Island Story, a child's history of England originally published before 1923.  It's one of my littles' favorite … [Read more...]

Top 5 Guest Posts from 2014

    My friends are the best. They've shared so much into my life and I've been blessed to have them share with y'all. From what you've shared with me, they've blessed you too.  Counting down, here are the top 5 guest posts from 2014 --   #5 A Day in the Life - Largent Family  This post by my pastor's wife and all-around great … [Read more...]

Let Them Feast

  Do you find yourself reading aloud a portion of a great story and then pausing to ask your children, "What do you think?" or "Was that right or wrong to do?" I certainly have been known to do so! Especially when I find myself reading an older book from a time when things were perhaps spoken about or handled differently than we would today. … [Read more...]

Being Part of A Community

I love my CC community. Lots of great families with moms I adore and kids who are great. I LOVE doing life with these families. I can honestly tell you they're like family, a different expression of the body of Christ to us. We don't just share interests, we share values. We're not just homeschooling, we're training. We're not just talking, we're … [Read more...]

A Day in the Life – Strite Family

You know what's funny about this A Day in the Life post? I don't technically know the Strite family, as we've only met recently through e-mail. A mutual friend, who is college friends with Lisa, introduced us knowing that we'd share the CC connection and that Lisa might be interested in sharing her family's "day in the life" here. Well, I'm so glad … [Read more...]

Cycle 3: Week 1

Each week, I'll post a fun idea or two related to the CC Cycle 3 memory work. In the past, I posted an idea for each subject, each week. But, it was a bit of overkill - at least for us and the time we have. I'm keeping it simpler this year.  If you're keeping it classical, remember, the first goal is to memorize the memory work for each subject. … [Read more...]

What is a Classical Notebook?

  I shared with you the set-up for our classical notebooks this year, but I realized I may have been jumping ahead.  I'd like to take us a few steps back and explain what notebooking is by answering some common questions about notebooking.   What is notebooking? Notebooking is essentially a way for students to document and collect … [Read more...]

Scheduling Our Year 2014-2015

  When scheduling our year of homeschooling, I consider two parts: 1. a daily order and 2. a yearly plan. Because I think of our daily schedule as more or less an order for our day rather than a strict time schedule, I like to keep it simple. Well, generally speaking I like to keep things simple. :) I do write with times though, because it … [Read more...]