Excited About Math? Me?

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Okay, I’m a total conference geek.  I love them! They seem fun to me and I love learning.  (I always loved school!)  But, I am SO not a math girl.  However, I don’t know how, but somehow the emails from Classical Conversations talking about this year’s upcoming parent practicums have me so excited to learn about math.   Strange, right?  

Well, in case you haven’t heard, check your email or check out the site to learn more about this spring/summer’s practicum to find one in your area. The morning focus is on math & maybe when you read what they have to say you’ll be excited to learn about teaching math too!

Here’s a bit of the email that really drew me in —

This year, we return to education’s roots to discover the classical model and learn how to apply it in Christian homeschooling.  We will be digging deeper into the beauty and reason that can only be understood through mathematics.


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    Do you ever listen to Leigh Bortin’s podcast “Leigh at Lunch”? She did a great program this past week on math that was very inspiring. I feel the same way about math as you do yet I too am excited to learn more at the conference.

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      Christy, I didn’t! I really wanted to though! Do you know if they are recorded and posted anywhere? The timing of it is just really hard to swing for me usually.

      I’m glad that you too are excited for the practicum!! : )

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