CC at Home Book Club – Ten Ways to Destroy The Imagination of Your Child

Did you attend the Classical Conversations practicum with your child in a camp this year? If so, you received this month's book club selection, ten ways to destroy the imagination of your child (I kept the title lowercase here, because that's how it's printed on the book cover! Which by the way, I like!).  I have yet to crack the spine on this … [Read more...]

To Know Math Is To Love Math

So, guys, I spent some time with math while attending my local 3 day parent practicum.  Have you been to your practicum yet? Well, if not, prepare to spend some quality time with math.  One feature of the 3 morning sessions was a series of conversations between CC's Leigh Bortins and Lisa Bailey.  They said that I could learn to love math through … [Read more...]

Excited About Math? Me?

photo creditOkay, I'm a total conference geek.  I love them! They seem fun to me and I love learning.  (I always loved school!)  But, I am SO not a math girl.  However, I don't know how, but somehow the emails from Classical Conversations talking about this year's upcoming parent practicums have me so excited to learn about … [Read more...]

Blog Love

Playing FavoritesToday at my local practicum, experienced CC moms shared some of their favorite ideas for doing CC at home.  For me, that meant sharing a list of my favorite sources for great ideas.  Of course, I talked about Pinterest! But, I also shared my 3 favorite blogs for finding great CC ideas that work for my family.  In no … [Read more...]

Summer Work – Classical Conversations Practicum 2012

Classical Conversations PracticumI just registered myself for the summer CC practicum & my littles for the CC day camps near my home.  Lucky for us, the practicum & day camps are being held at our local CC campus, SO... 1) it'll be a short drive (with a Dunkin Donuts en route!), 2) I'll know most, if not all, of the … [Read more...]