The Best Girls to Ask for Book Recommendations

Do you have any friends you wish would create their own lending library? Friends whose libraries you would frequent even more than your local library, because you trust their selections to be wonderful every time? I have a few friends like that who I rely on and I thought you might like to see what they're reading, too. Christy at Without Love … [Read more...]

Blog Love!

image sourceIt is seriously time for some blog love! In previous posts, I have told y'all about Suzanne Shares' Latin printables.  But, there is so much more to Suzanne's blog! Squirrel away some time and putter around Suzanne Shares for a bit.  You'll find more great CC printables, book recommendations for yourself and your littles, … [Read more...]

Blog Crushes

You might remember my post, Blog Love, from a few months back that contained a short list of my favorite CC blogs.  Those bloggers have been providing great resources for CC families for (at least) a few years now.  Well, today, I offer you two more for the short list - this time containing new CC blogs that have popped up this year! … [Read more...]

Blog Love

Playing FavoritesToday at my local practicum, experienced CC moms shared some of their favorite ideas for doing CC at home.  For me, that meant sharing a list of my favorite sources for great ideas.  Of course, I talked about Pinterest! But, I also shared my 3 favorite blogs for finding great CC ideas that work for my family.  In no … [Read more...]