The Best Girls to Ask for Book Recommendations

BooksonShelfDo you have any friends you wish would create their own lending library? Friends whose libraries you would frequent even more than your local library, because you trust their selections to be wonderful every time? I have a few friends like that who I rely on and I thought you might like to see what they’re reading, too.

Christy at Without Love We Have Nothing has a wonderful way of describing books that causes me to instantly add them to my Amazon wish list…and wait to buy them for the next special occasion.  Her book recommendations are oftentimes hidden in her regular posts, but you can find them all by clicking on the book label on the right side of her blog.  I should mention though, you won’t have wasted a minute by reading the entirety of her inspiring blog posts.

Sarah at Domesticity has a delightfully organized blog, which is completely reflective of her personality.  You can find her suggested books by clicking on the book list tab at the top of her blog home page.  Her lists are broken down by her current book list, favorite series for their children, solo titles for children, Bible/devotional titles, Thanksgiving books, and Christmas books.  She even has a list of favorite Easter books, which I’ll be browsing to find a favorite for each of my little’s Easter basket.

Becki from Running with Team Hogan is always sharing great, library finds for all areas of education – be it science, language arts, fine arts or math.   Their family spends regular time at the local library, which makes them true experts.  The books they select are often living books, which makes them even better and harder to find on your own, I think.  I hope my sharing your great selections, Becki, doesn’t make them harder to find on the shelves during your weekly trips! 

Each of these fellow homeschooling moms shares descriptions, sometimes brief and sometimes in-depth, of the books they’re reading, so using them as a resource is often even better than a trusted, but simple book list.  I hope you enjoy their recommendations!

For more book resources, read My Favorite Sources for Really Good Books.


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