Traveling the 50 States with the Flat Littles: Wyoming

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What a treat! Today I’m sharing photos from Lindsey & family, of Simply Diligent, who captured some stunning shots with the Flat Littles in Wyoming. We haven’t been to Wyoming as a family yet, but these pictures have me more excited than ever.

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Flat Littles

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Wyoming has some history to offer among all the natural beauty. Founded in 1872, Yellowstone National Park was America’s first national park largely due to its large number of geysers – the majority in the world with its most famous, of course, being Old Faithful. There are now 58 national parks with California having the most (nine) followed closely by Alaska with eight . My home state has none! You can look here to see if there are any in your state.

We just bought a 12-person tent on end of season clearance. What I wouldn’t give to pack it up right now & head to Wyoming! Sink Canyon State Park and Yellowstone National Park both have camping sites.  Doesn’t Wyoming look like a great state to camp through?

I know you’re probably hearing all same the back-to-school chatter I’m hearing right now, but I’m still dreaming of summer travel. Heading anywhere fun? Take the Flat Littles along for the journey! We’d love to see what you’ve seen of our great country and maybe satisfy a bit of our wanderlust in the process. P.S. – If you’re headed to Wyoming, be sure to read up on bear safety first! 🙂




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