Traveling the 50 States with the Flat Littles: Ogden, Utah



Hey friends! For this trip, the Flat Littles joined Joey and his parents from Florida as they hiked the trails around the site of this restored lime kiln near Ogden, Utah. I love that they took pictures of the scenery and the history for us to read and enjoy. This definitely could just be me, but I tend to appreciate what I’m learning when I travel and forget most of it before we’re even back home. Taking pictures of the signs and information is such a great way to relive the trip at a later time!



photo 3-1

I took some time to read the sign and I’m in awe of this bit of pioneer-era construction history. When I see things like this, I am reminded of what impressive work the first settlers did for their families and communities. This kiln was built in 1865 at the same time as the city was being founded. It makes me wonder what signs of my town’s initial forming can still be seen around me. Can you see signs of what came before you in your town? I’d love to hear about it! And if you want to take the Flat Littles on the trip to show us all around, check out this post for details.

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