Getting Started with Audiobooks



Have you tried listening to audiobooks with your family? When I first considered audiobooks, I wasn’t sure if my littles would be interested or when we’d find the time to listen to them. My concerns were wasted! They’re such a part of our family routine now that I can’t imagine us without them. I’ll share 3 tips for success with audiobooks and hope they help you too:


1. Pick a book the whole family can enjoy. Even at different levels of understanding, there are plenty of books which meet this criteria. Remember, any truly good book should be this way. To kick things off, you can try some of our favorites.


2.  Select a version with a great narrator. The storyteller can make or break your enjoyment of the book. Really! Our family tends to favor those with British accents. In our humble opinions, these are some of the very best narrators:  Jim Dale,  Stephen Fry, and Douglas Hodge. (If you follow these links, you can listen to the narrator’s work before purchasing.)


3. Don’t save audiobooks just for long car rides. They can be utilized and enjoyed on short trips to anywhere – grocery store, friends’ homes, or errand days. My littles enjoy them so much they ask for them on nearly every little car trip. Most of the time, my husband and I agree and are rewarded with a quiet car ride where we can listen in too or have a quiet conversation without interruptions. It’s like a little slice of heaven in a very full van.


Please share what resource you weren’t sure would work for your family, but now you can’t imagine being without it. I’d love to hear about it and give it a try with my crew!





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