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A little portion of my day is spent reading meaningful (or fun or interesting) articles online. I thought I’d share my recent favorites with you —


The Math Ceiling: Where’s Your Cognitive Breaking Point? This article is giving me food for thought just as my boys are beginning to hit math that doesn’t just come easily to them. Since I’m homeschooling them, can we have a collective breaking point? ;/


Ever wonder how to have a heart-to-heart with your littles. Here’s a good place to start.


This is my earliest memory of using a computer. And it’s a fond one. How about you?


Children learn through play. You probably already knew that! Learn more to support that learning.


I love this. We’re already doing this as we travel with our littles to hit all 50 States Before They Graduate, but these NPS lesson plans could certainly come in handy.


Looking for some summer fun? Check out the $1 movie schedule from Regal. 


Have you read anything good…or funny…or challenging? Please share! I’ll read it tomorrow. 😉




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