Traveling the 50 States with the Flat Littles: Arkansas and Tennessee


These pictures are extra special to my heart, because they’re from my sweet pastor’s family. My pastor and his eldest daughter left early-early in the morning for a short trip and were so thoughtful to bring the Flat Littles along for the trip. Here are some snapshots they grabbed on their journey. The one above is in front of crop fields in Arkansas. What a beautiful scene!

Arkansas is the largest producer of rice grown in the United States (about 50%) with soybeans, cotton, corn for grain, and wheat rounding out their top 5 crops. But, I’m not sure what’s growing in these fields. How about it, native Arkansans? What’s growing here?


Here she is with the Flat Littles in Memphis, Tennessee standing in front of the Mississippi River. Did you know the Mississippi River touches 10 different states providing a natural state line for many of them? Can you name all 10? 🙂 The Mississippi River is second in length to the Missouri River, but first in size for water volume in the United States. Add this to the list of things I have learned since beginning Classical Conversations!


The bridge you can see in the background is the Hernando de Soto Bridge, also known as the “M Bridge” for its distinctive shape. It’s named for the Spanish explorer who traveled the Mississippi River and through many southern states as part of a European expedition. He died on the banks of the Mississippi River in 1542.

Teaching our littles classically means beginning with a list of information for geography, like the rivers of America. But, don’t let it remain simply a list. As we explore more, through the reading of good stories and basic research, geography becomes part of so much more – like science and history. Don’t just pass through anymore, glean as you go.

Happy traveling, y’all! We’d love to learn more about your state. Want to take the Flat Littles with you? Check out this post and this list to see where else they’ve traveled.








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