Cycle Two – Week Six


History – Check out books from the library on the famous men of week six or should I say, the renaissance.

Latin – Match the endings using two copies of the Latin pronunciation helps

English – As a group, write the possessive nouns on sticky notes and attach them to various items around the house.  

Math – The skip counting mazes and worksheets have been a hit in our home, so we’ll continue to review with them.

Science – Read our Ecology & Astronomy curriculum.  Complete part of the Wisdom & Righteousness lapbook.

Geography – Play a grab bag game using the geography cards from And Here We Go.  I’ll place the cards for this week’s geography in a paper bag.  Each of my guys will take turns selecting a card and finding it on their map.  If we can’t all find the geography point, we’ll put it back in and try again on another turn. Once we all know it, it’s out of the bag until all the cards are gone.    

Fine Arts – Practice the tin whistle!


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      you’re totally right, anon! it was fun. we launched chinese sky lanterns from a field in our neighborhood with some neighbor friends. it was so cool! 🙂

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