Saxon Homeschool – Math & The Common Core

So, I checked in with Saxon Homeschool two days ago via e-mail.  I had been hearing mixed reports about changes occurring to their curriculum due to new common core standards.  I wanted to hear directly from the company.  Here is what they told me, Since the Common Core Standards do not apply to homeschools nothing has changed. All material remains the same and without any adjustment or additions.”  

The same cannot be said of their Saxon School materials. The following was said in regards to their Saxon School math materials: “No changes have been made to the Saxon method or philosophy, but in order to meet the Common Core Standards imposed on schools in most states, HMH (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, owners of Saxon) has offered inserts to accommodate any content requirements in the Common Core Standards. These additions are very few (almost insignificant) and are made available to schools upon request in order to allow them to satisfy their district requirements and to continue to use Saxon. In most cases the content objectives contained in the Saxon curriculum far exceed those of the Common Core.”  

I am relieved to hear no changes are being made to my beloved Saxon Homeschool math curriculum.  Do you use Saxon? Do you find this a relief as well? If you’re using a different math curriculum, what have you heard about any changes due to common core? Please feel free to share below in the comments for the benefit of other homeschool families! Thank you!

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