Memory Work System Review & Giveaway

UPDATE: Rachel Tate Seely is the winner! Rachel has been contacted by e-mail.  Thanks so much to everyone for visiting & entering! Congrats again to Rachel! I hope you enjoy the ease of this system as much as us! : )

Guys, I’m excited to share with you today a memory work system created by another CC mom, Jaime from Homeschool Story.  Have you seen the memory box system used in Charlotte Mason circles for scripture memory?  I’ve admired it from a distance and considered using it for our Classical Conversations memory work, but have always been overwhelmed with the idea of creating my own.  Jaime has created a wonderfully simple way to have your own memory work system without spending the time to create your own box. 

Essentially, the memory work is divided into a daily review system.  Each day has a different grouping of memory work assigned to it and walks you through reviewing all previously learned weeks, so you’re constantly reviewing all learned material.  There are even options for weeks when CC is off, when you’re taking winter break, when you want to get ahead, or if you want to review previous cycles at the same time.  The best part? It is all done for you and is easy to use. 

There are 2 ways to order the cards: 1) as a PDF file sent to your computer for you to print or 2) already printed, laminated, and cut on cardstock to be shipped to you.  Jaime sent me the PDF, which I printed on regular copy paper.  (My printer does not like card stock.) I then folded the paper vertically to glue the cards back-to-back, thereby making them sturdier too.  I laminated and hole punched the cards to hang on a ring.

I’m super excited to use these cards for our daily review.  Jaime has graciously offered one set to a reader here. Enter below to win a copy of your very own!a Rafflecopter giveaway


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    Elijah and Ruthie are going for memory master this year . .. last year, I said that, but it just didn’t happen. This year, it’s one of my big goals for them for the year so I hope we all work hard enough to pull it off.

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    My son is five and last year he had no drive to be a memory master (which was fine with me). This year he’ll be the youngest member in a class and I wonder how that will affect him…maybe motivate? We’ll concentrate on math and timeline (because those are repeated yearly) and we’ll try to master those. And celebrate all our successes!

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    My 5 year old was a mini-memory master last year (one subject only), and this year we hope to step it up to two or three subjects! We love playing review games, and these would help ensure we don’t accidentally miss any weeks.

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    My daughter is 6 and this is our second year of CC. She isn’t going to do Memory Masters this year, but we are going to aim for that next year. 🙂 These cards look great!

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    My daughter (6) is determined to try for MM this year. There cards would be a huge help, to make sure we are constantly reviewing!

  6. Anonymous says

    I was not great at reviewing past week’s memory work outside of using the CD- which we did! This would be a great tool!

    Kate D dickeyrez(at)yahoo(dot)com

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    My daughter is excited to try for memory master this year. She could have done it last year but there were some extenuating circumstances that kept us from giving it our full attention. Excited to see what this year brings!

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    I REALLY want to enter but I can’t seem to get the rafflecopter thing to let me log in? I’m not familiar with it anyway. New kid here! Thanks for any help you can give! Megan S.

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      Megan, I *think* you should be able to log in with your name and then choose 1 or both of the options for entering the contest. There’s a drop down box where you can select, name/url. Does that help?

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    I am just learning about CC and am getting lots of help from my friends. I am hoping to win this giveaway to get a little more help and get ahead on what I need to gather together.

  10. Anonymous says

    I’ve been homeschooling for over 10 years, but this is our first year in CC. Super excited and thankful for all the great support on this and other CC mom blogs! Thanks!

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    This will be our 2nd year in CC, 3rd year homeschooling. This looks like a great resource! My kids are going to try for memory master this year. My daughter will be moving on to Challenge A next year, so it’s her last chance. We love our CC group!

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    Looks great! I’m going to leave this for a CCer to win though =) Just wanted to say thank for linking up the great giveaway to Trivium Tuesdays!

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