Classical Conversations Math Flashcards Review

Classical Conversations recently sent me the new math facts flashcards to review.  Before now, all of our math flashcards were either bought second-hand or homemade.  I hadn’t considered there could be variety among math flashcards.   But, there is!  2 things that make the Classical Conversations math flashcards unique:

1. Commutative reciprocal on each card for each problem.  

    In other words, 2 + 4  and 4 + 2, 5 x 6 and 6 x 5 

2. Math facts through the 15s.  Many flashcard sets just go through 12.

Remember the 8 habits mentioned in The Core for teaching math? Drill for speed and accuracy is one of them. These flashcards will certainly make drilling of our math facts for CC easier. (Future memory masters!)  These might replace our Saxon flashcards during our daily math time, but I guess time will tell. If not, we’ll certainly be using a combination of both.

Set one is addition and set two is multiplication.  If you’d like a set or two of your own, you’ll find them here.


  1. stacy says

    Hi Beth, I would really like you to post one day, why you like Saxon math. I know CC recommends it, but I wanted to hear your wisdom:)

    • says

      Stacy, I am so sorry! How am I just seeing this?? My mistake! Thanks so much for commenting. I’d love to write about why we chose Saxon. Please look for a post in the future 🙂

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