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We planted our vegetable garden this weekend.  This is our second year trying a vegetable garden.  Since I consider us to be quite the lazy gardeners, I was really pleased with what our garden produced last year.  Fingers crossed for an even better year!  

The littles are quite enamored with the whole gardening process, so it makes for a great bit of nature study over the spring and summer months.  I’m surprising them tomorrow with a giant bag of wildflower seeds, which we’ll spread in various places around our yard.  I think this will especially delight my little lady.  

We’ll document much of our garden work in our creation journal.  I’ll have to share that soon! Doesn’t this sound like a fun, easy way to learn over the summer? How about you? Any easy summer learning in your plans?


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    Sounds lovely, and that is a beautifully mulched garden!

    Our unplanned nature study is watching the baby birds grow up as I documented on my last post. Of course there will also be lots of trips to the library for their summer reading program that our kids love to participate in.

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