Math On My Mind

IMG_9241We are finished our official math studies for the year, but math is on my mind! I’d say it’s due to 1) reading what Leigh Bortins recently wrote about knowing math history and 2) my building excitement for this year’s CC practicum focusing on math.  Both of these things are causing me to think of math in new ways.  My previously held opinion of math was blegh! I mean, I do okay, but I’m no math whiz.  I keep these feelings to myself (much as I do with my feelings about spiders), because I really want my littles to appreciate all subjects.

Well, guess what?  Now, I’m starting to find math intriguing.  I’m beginning to see it as holding more dimension than I previously considered.  And I love the idea that thinking more mathematically will breathe new life into some passages from the Bible for me.  It’s kind of like reading the Bible and not having a geographical sense of where anything is, so some of the vividness of the story is lost.  CC has helped me learn ancient geography.  Now it can help me with mathematics.  

I certainly believe that if I find more value in learning (even about math) that excitement will transfer to my little scholars.  One way I plan to share that excitement with my littles even now is to use this living math book list to find some great titles at my local library to read together.  

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