What We’re Doing – Week 23 Links & Ideas

History – Pull from the “used & loved” book lists from Homeschool Creations to learn more about South America.  I always like heading into the library with a list of recommended book ideas in hand! 

Latin – I like to keep our latin review simple, so we can really focus on the work of memorizing.  So, we’ll do copywork and review the matching game way again.

English – Okay, now that we’ve learned about linking verbs this way and this way, we’ll start writing our own linking verb sentences.  Of course, we’ll do this as a team – our favorite way to work. 

Math – To review the distributive law, we’re going to listen to our math song.  

Then, I’ll write the distributive law correctly on the top of our chalkboard.  After that I’ll write it a few incorrect ways and ask my littles to identify what I’ve written wrong.  For example, (a+b)c=ac+ab or a+b+c=ab+ac. I think they’ll have fun pointing out what Mommy has done wrong. : ) 

Science – I love both of these cloud printables.  I’m hoping for a good day sometime this week to sit outside and stare at the clouds with my littles.  

I’ll also check out this cloud infotoon with my littles showing the approximate height of clouds.  Isn’t it cool looking?

Complete this label the clouds worksheet for our notebooks. 

And depending on how our week is going, soap clouds might make an appearance at bath time. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Geography – Head back over to the South American resources found at Homeschool Creations to print out some geography printables. I’m thinking we’ll do the flag and mapping pages. 

Fine Arts – We’ll continue using resources found with our Classical Composers Monthly subscription.  You can use it this week too for free – check out the free Handel sample.  

I had such a hard time this week picking my favorite resources.  There are so many great ideas out there!  But, then I remember, we chose to go classical! I believe in the model, but the model will only work if I invest in it at home.  So, first we memorize!  Second, we read.  

Then for our supplemental activities, I try to remember a few things: 

1) I want activities that will reinforce our memory work.

2) I want those activities to be simple.  Heck, I *need* those activities to be simple! But, also interesting! So, I try to mix the activities up, but keep the supplies basic – like things I already have in my craft closet or kitchen pantry.

3) I want those activities to be exciting and enjoyable ’cause I want to capture the hearts of my little scholars with the love of learning.   
4) I want those activities to be flexible so I can include each of my littles on some level.   

How about you? How do you narrow down all the great options out there? If you want more ideas (some really great ones!), follow me (classical conversations at home) on Pinterest

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