What We’re Doing – Week 21 Links & Ideas

History – Read about Canadian explorers, John Cabot and Samuel de Champlain.   

I like the idea of adding in navigation studies whenever talking about explorers.  So, we’re going to mark longitude and latitude coordinates on this worksheet.

Learn about the Canadian flag while coloring it.  (Other worksheets about Canada available too!)

Geography –  free Canada map printable

Latin – Play a matching game using these free printables

English – Watch this video explaining how linking verbs work.  This may be over my littles’ heads, so I was thinking I would pause and draw silly pictures to explain the difference between linking verbs and action verbs.  If your guys are older, the video also contains activities.

Math – Watch this Khan Academy video on the Associative Law for addition.  

Demonstrate using math manipulatives in various colors for my younger littles.

Science – Read about the 5 major circles of latitude.

Has anyone else seen the image on Pinterest of the world drawn on an orange? I love the idea of drawing the latitude lines on an orange! Unfortunately, I can’t find a functional link, so I have a snapshot posted above for you.  A fun, different way of doing map blobs with the advantage of first seeing the circles on the round orange, then slicing the peel off to see the lines flat like on a map.

Fine Arts – Visit Classics for Kids to learn more about Bach. Classics for Kids even contains printable activity sheets for the composers.

I’m also hoping to employ the SQUILT method (which I learned about from Melody’s post).  If not this week, then another week soon. It seems simple and easy to implement and also a good way to teach my littles the valuable skills of listening and observing.  

If you’re entering week 21, then you’re getting so close to the finish line! Keep going!! 


  1. says

    This is a fantastic compilation of information! I am so excited to use your blog as a resource. I have been spending much time researching as I am sure that you do, so I look forward to using your info as well. Thank you for sharing!

    • Beth Watson says

      Dawn, you’re absolutely right! Hate it when that happens. Going to update the post now. 🙂 Thanks for telling me!


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