Election Coverage

The presidential election is fast approaching and politics are on my mind.  You, too? I’ve found some good ideas to share with our littles!

We’ll start by doing some copy work with election vocabulary words (p.48-49).  Good to start with the grammar, right?  Next, we’ll have fun doing an election scavenger hunt through some newspapers.  Anything we find during our scavenger hunt, we’ll affix to paper and include in their notebooks.  

We can watch this video about the job of president.

Also, I’m really hoping to find some of these books at our local library.  And finally, we’ll have a mock election to decide our menu for the day. 

My husband and I will talk through some of how democracy works with them during these activities. And, of course, we’ll take them with us when we vote! Our polling location usually has 2 mock election booths for elementary age and older students. So fun!

Oooo & two more things — We’ll color in this outline map with red and blue crayons to indicate which candidate won which state.  Because mine are so young, I won’t keep them up, but we’ll do it the following day.  

& here is a video link for the Electoral College song by Schoolhouse Rock.

What about you? I’d love to hear your plans to include your littles in the election process!


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