What We're Doing – Week One Links


Many of our week one plans come from ideas I’ve found online.  

Here are the links by subject to those ideas —

History —       10 Commandments Hand Commands

Science —       Animal Classification Info

Geography —  Fertile Crescent Lesson Plans, Video & Recipe
                     Brick Making

Fine Arts —     Owl Drawing

I think these ideas will work great for my family.  

What are you planning for week one? Do share!


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    Elijah drew that little owl in class (and loved it)! My goal for this week: to actually review memory work every day and to read all the timeline cards. I’m aiming low and hoping to actually achieve at least that much. πŸ™‚

    • says

      Kyle drew one in his class too! Incidentally, I decided to hole punch the worksheets they bring home from class to add to their notebooks. I couldn’t figure out what to do with them otherwise?? & now they’ll be added to their collections of work from the year.

      & I agree on aiming low! That’s why I try to keep my ideas basic w/o a lot of complicated steps or advance prep. That would just be setting us up for failure!

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    Thanks for the links! We found the video on the fertile crescent to be very interesting even though it was obviously dated. Sometimes less flashy is better anyway.

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