Week Two – Mummy Making

Mummy making happened today! As previously mentioned, I have 3 boys and 1 baby girl so there are no barbies to speak of yet in our home.  So, we used some random plastic figures we had around the house. The boys picked ones they wouldn’t mind saying goodbye to, in case they don’t clean up well after the mummification process.  

In regard to them being smaller in size: con – they were a little harder to work with and pro – they were quick to complete which was good for my younger one’s attention span. So, first, we cleaned them with red wine. 

Next, we rubbed them with spices. The smell factor was great for my guys! It helped them really think through and ask questions about what it would have been like to embalm a body during ancient times.

Then, we wrapped them in newspaper strips which we had dunked in a flour/water paste to make them stick.  The longer the strips, the easier the wrapping worked.  

And, finally, we laid them to set out in the sun.  Hopefully, after nap and rest time, they will be hardened.  They are excited to show them to daddy tonight!

During our work, I was impressed by how much detail the boys remembered from our readings about the mummification process.  And I think engaging their senses in the learning process is so cool and really helps broaden their learning experience. 


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