Week 19 – Geography

Geography – Trail Walk

We capitalized on the beautiful weather outside our door today & headed to our local park for a trail walk.  While there, we had such a good time & used our imaginations to talk about what trail travel may have been like many years ago.  The boys were able to draw on the knowledge they’ve gained in our reading of The Little House on the Prairie Series & our family times spent camping. 

Some of the questions I asked to generate conversation went a bit like this : Would the trails for pioneers have been paved? Would they have been cleared? Would they have been glad to find water on their trail? What would the water be good for? Could the water be dangerous for the travelers? What sounds do you hear around us? Would travelers in early America have heard the same sounds? Where did they get their food? etc etc etc!

You get the idea! The boys also started a few of their own conversations. One of those started something like this…”Can I make fire with these 2 sticks?” I’m sure you can imagine how that conversation went!

Oh & incidentally, we had some great river talks too! Which were totally initiated by my boys! 

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