Cycle Two – Week Fourteen

History - Complete the History Sentence Picture Page for this week.  Check out World War 1 books from the library for independent exploration. English - We're going to "dress up" a simple sentence with adverbs through one adverb question at a time.  I haven't tried this all the way through yet, so we may need more than one sentence. :) I'm … [Read more...]

Cycle Two – Week Thirteen

History - Draw about the industrial revolution using the History Sentence Picture Pages while reviewing the history sentence. Show the boys the steam engine section in The Way Things Work.English - Make flashcards using 5x7 cards.  On the lined side, write the indefinite pronouns.  On the blank side, draw a picture to represent the … [Read more...]

Cycle Two – Week Twelve

History - I love the idea of checking out maps and paintings displaying the Battle of Waterloo.  My guys totally love looking at artwork and asking all sorts of questions.  In this case, we'll look at images on my computer rather than printing any out.  We'll look for weather, terrain, attire, weaponry, gear, etc.  The map can … [Read more...]

Cycle Two – Week Eleven

  History - Read The Declaration of the Rights of Man, 1789 English - Make flashcards for the pronouns using 5x7 notecards. Latin - Copy the first conjugation endings. Science - We'll continue to work on our paper mache solar system.  Maybe this will be the week to add a meteor belt to our model! Math - Print these cubes to make … [Read more...]

Cycle Two – Week Ten

History - Copy and illustrate the memory work onto a history sentence picture page.  Use images of Vladimir I, the Kremlin, and Catherine the Great to inspire their drawings.  If you're on C3, use And Here We Go's history sentence review cards.  They have great pictures! We'll also incorporate the country outline of Russia into … [Read more...]

Cycle Two – Week Nine

History - Play pass the crown while reviewing the monarchs.  I also love looking up art (like the image above) of the people we're learning about for my littles to see.  We can learn so much by looking closely at art from the time.English - Copywork using traceable or fill-in-the-blank printables.Latin - Use our copies of the Latin … [Read more...]

Cycle Two – Week Eight

History - Read books about explorers.  We've found so many good ones at our local library.  Maybe even map out the routes of these explorers on one map: Dias, Amerigo Vespucci, Balboa, Magellan, and Coronado.English - Watch this simple video with a catchy song about the reflexive pronouns.Latin - Copy and recite the Latin endings.Science … [Read more...]

DIY Solar System Model

In the summer I found this tutorial from The Crafty Homeschool Mama for making our own paper mache model of the planets.  I was immediately sure we'd make it this year while we learned about the solar system.  Why?1. It will help us learn the names and characteristic features of the planets.2. It's creative work that we can keep … [Read more...]

Cycle Two – Week Seven

History - Read The 95 Theses by Dr. Martin Luther.Latin - Copy the Latin work on blank notebook paper.English - Write the possessive adjectives on sticky notes and attach them on items around the house.  I have a feeling they'll like this and we'll do it more than once. :)Science - Draw a five point star and label each arm with the five kinds … [Read more...]

CC Cycle Two App Review & Giveaway

UPDATE: Congrats to Michele Smith and family, who won the Cycle 2 App! I'm so excited for it to simplify review for you and your family, Michele! Guys, I'm excited to review for you today the Classical Conversations Cycle 2 App.  Based on the chatter surrounding the lead up and release of the app, I know many of you are excited about it, … [Read more...]