10 Tips for Traveling With Littles

Traveling with our littles is something we've done since they were the tiniest of tiny, mainly out of necessity with family living far away, but also without giving it much of a second thought.  Along the way, I think we've stumbled onto some good ideas which make traveling a little easier.  I'm sharing them today, in no … [Read more...]

Travel: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Since we've started homeschooling our children, my husband and I have realized how great it is to be right where we are.  We are in Pennsylvania, specifically just outside Philadelphia.  All around us are historic locations waiting to be explored.  Plus many more locations well within driving distance.  Just a couple weeks ago, … [Read more...]

The View From Here – Camping

As we're heading out the door for a weekend of camping at the shore, our nature study buckets were one of the last items crossed off our pack list and thrown into our car.  This should be fun! … [Read more...]

Tracking Our Travel

  Our family LOVES to travel! We have adopted the goal of visiting all "50 States Before They Graduate" as our own.  Besides the hundreds of photographs I take while we travel, we also have two other main forms for documenting our travels.     The first, my children's travel notebooks.  They each have a 3 ring notebook in their favorite color. … [Read more...]

Travel: Chicago, Illinois

Chicago was our main destination in Illinois (50 States Before They Graduate!).  First excitement, riding the double decker train to Union Station.    Next, roaming through the stalls of a German Christmas market at which we eventually bought 3 wooden swords and 2 ornaments.  : ) As per our usual, we roamed the streets of … [Read more...]

Travel: Indianapolis, Indiana

We're so excited to hit all "Fifty States Before They Graduate."  We love to travel anyway, so this goal was immediately appealing to us.  One way we've decided to make this more feasible for our family is to plan stops in a new state with every trip we take.  We have family spread around the country, so we take trips to a few states … [Read more...]

Travel: Kentucky

After visiting The Creation Museum this week, we can add Kentucky to the list of states we've visited before they graduate. (Oh & maybe Ohio too, if stopping for lunch there counts!)To help them remember their time at each new place, my littles pick a postcard.  We bring the postcards home, write their favorite aspect of the trip on the … [Read more...]

Summer Learning

Travel AdventuresOver the summer, we've taken trips to a few places nearby that corresponded to events or places we learned about in cycle 3.  We still have a few more on our wish list, but we're running out of time!  How about you? Any fun summer travel trips taken or planned? p.s. - Don't you just love Brandy's idea of traveling … [Read more...]