What We're Doing – Week 16 Links & Ideas

History - Review our history sentences, by playing like the Mesoamericans with bouncy rubber balls - without using our hands & trying to get the ball through a ring.  (without the element of human sacrifice and brutal competition - naturally.)  Each correct answer gets a turn or 3 tries, depending on how hard this turns out … [Read more...]

How It's Going – Week 13 (Cont)

With our acts and facts science cards out for reference during discussion, we all gathered around the kitchen counter today to learn about parts of the earth.I sliced eggs I hardboiled this morning into halves and gave each of my littles one half of an egg to hold and explore during our discussion.  (These eggs then became egg salad for … [Read more...]

How It's Going – Week 13

My guys are connecting the helping verb train by ordering the words of the definition. My oldest totally made the connection right away about helping verbs being to a sentence like a train engine is in moving train cars. Yay for things making sense! : )  I hope this continues as we use the train cars for the next several weeks.Next you'll see … [Read more...]

What We're Doing – Week 15 Links & Ideas

History -   Watch this video about Prince Henry the Navigator.  Print a Google map of our neighborhood and hand write numbers (1,2,3,4) on the map.  The numbers will signify locations I want my littles to walk (or bike ride) to for a clue.  At the final destination, there will be some kind of reward. … [Read more...]

The View from Here – Photosynthesis

Today is our day to delve into the science memory work more at home.  So, we used our week 12 plans to learn more about photosynthesis.  I modified our plans a bit by having each of my guys draw a card in the photosynthesis sequence, rather than having me draw them in advance.  We read about the process in more detail, but … [Read more...]

What We're Doing – Week 14 Links & Ideas

History - Watch this video about Lovemore Mashapure, a Zimbabwean sculptor.  I watched it & loved it.  A bit of personal history, I visited Zimbabwe for a month on mission right after graduating high school and my heart still tugs me back there.  So, I'll also be sharing personal photographs, stories, videos, and … [Read more...]

What We're Doing – Week 13 Links & Ideas

History - Encase rocks spray painted gold in "treasure rock" mountains.  I know some little boys who will just love hammering into the mountains like explorers to find gold.  I am also hoping to spray paint some dry beans gold and place in a shallow pan with sand.  I'll equip my littlest with a sifter (aka colander) to find … [Read more...]

Notebook Pages – Printable Links – Cycle 1 Weeks 13-24

We've studied hard this first half of the year and besides keeping school and other responsibilities going, we've added Christmas fun and illnesses to our workload lately.  But, with little bits of time scrounged together here and there, I've also been preparing for the second half of our CC calendar. Here is a list of favorite printable links … [Read more...]

What We're Doing – Week 12 Links & Ideas

History - Copy the history sentence and place in notebook.Latin - Use handwritten flashcards to line up and sort 5th declension noun endings.  Make flashcards for previous weeks to also review in this way.English - Littles' Choice! --- They can choose their favorite method of review from the methods we've used over the last 10 weeks -- copy … [Read more...]

What We're Doing – Week 11 Links & Ideas

History - Read about Constantine together.  Ask littles to tell me something they learned during this reading, which I will then transcribe for them.  We will add this to their notebooks.Latin - Using handwritten notecards, put the 5th declension latin noun endings in order.  English - Create a story using all prepositions and hand … [Read more...]