What is a Classical Notebook?

  I shared with you the set-up for our classical notebooks this year, but I realized I may have been jumping ahead.  I'd like to take us a few steps back and explain what notebooking is by answering some common questions about notebooking.   What is notebooking? Notebooking is essentially a way for students to document and collect … [Read more...]

Scheduling Our Year 2014-2015

  When scheduling our year of homeschooling, I consider two parts: 1. a daily order and 2. a yearly plan. Because I think of our daily schedule as more or less an order for our day rather than a strict time schedule, I like to keep it simple. Well, generally speaking I like to keep things simple. :) I do write with times though, because it … [Read more...]

Our Curriculum Choices 2014-2015

  Guess what? Our curriculum choices for this year are pretty much the same as last year. After researching, thinking, and praying, we have found things that work with our family and our goals for homeschooling.  Plus sticking with what works is just one of the ways I keep our homeschool simple. Bonus? I think my guys rather appreciate the … [Read more...]

My Advice for Homeschooling Young Ones

  I recently had a first-time CC mom message me to ask advice for her first year homeschooling her four and six year old sons.  At first reading, I thought I might not have any advice to offer! But, after a little thought, I realized I had learned some things since beginning to homeschool my young ones three years ago.  So, if you were to ask … [Read more...]

How to Create Your Own Classical Notebook

  I recently shared the list of printables we'll be using for our classical notebook this year.  I listed only printables found on CC Connected (aka C3).  But, guess what? You don't need access to CC Connected to make a classical notebook for your student.  As CC Founder Leigh Bortins shares in The Core, "Copy work is the tool used to … [Read more...]

Notebooking Our Way Through CC Cycle 3

Things sometimes take longer than you expect.  Like home projects always or anything else with a newborn. :)  But, despite taking longer than I expected, I have my littles' classical notebooks ready to go for this CC year - cycle 3.  Here I'll share with you the printables I'm using and how our notebook is set up. I have a one inch three ring … [Read more...]

Ready for Essentials? Here’s Some Help!

Guess what? Julie's back! I know y'all love her posts, because she shares in such a gracious, honest way.  Now you know just one of the reasons we're friends.  Anyhoo, today, Julie is back to share her experience with Essentials.  She's been an Essentials parent for three years and an Essentials tutor for one year.  So you're getting the scoop from … [Read more...]

How We Do CC at Home

When I started this blog, I didn't realize how many families were considering and searching out information about doing Classical Conversations at home. And guess what? I didn't even think of the name of this blog.  A friend suggested I start a blog at a time when I had seriously been considering it and praying about it for a while.  She suggested … [Read more...]

Don’t Work Too Hard at Intentional Integration

Book lists, lesson plans, and projects are all great to have on file ready for when you or your littles want to dive into a specific topic you've been learning about through the memory work.  But, one of the great things about classical education, is that you don't have to spend time intentionally creating or drafting plans around a subject. … [Read more...]

Simple Formula & Printable for Foundation Presentations

Admittedly presentation prep is the oft forgotten task of our homeschool week.  This past year it too frequently came down to Sunday afternoon, which worked okay, but I was often left thinking we could've done more or they would've been more prepared if we started earlier in the week prior.  (Our campus meets on Monday.)  There … [Read more...]