Traveling the 50 States with the Flat Littles: Natural Bridge, Virginia


Flat Littles Travel 50 States


As quickly as I can, I’ll be sharing pictures of the Flat Littles’ travels. I’m excited to follow them as they zigzag around these great United States of ours. First up, the Flat Littles traveled with the Hogan family through Virginia. The Hogans are Seth, Becki, Elijah, Ruthie, Isaiah and Gideon. They’re part of our local community and a blessing to our family. Both Seth & Becki have written on my blog before and post regularly on their own blog, Running with Team Hogan. If you haven’t visited them there, you should check them out. They have awesome ideas! But, without further adieu, here are the Flat Littles at the Natural Bridge in Virginia.

Some interesting things about this National Historic Landmark. It’s located in Rockbridge County, VA, is made of limestone, has an arch 215 ft high and 90 ft wide, and was formed by the Cedar Creek carving out the terrain. Legend claims a young George Washington left his initials behind carved into the bridge after surveying the site. The Natural Bridge has a bit more Presidential history with a different American President, Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson purchased over 150 acres in Virginia, including the are containing the Natural Bridge, from King George the III in 1774, for 20 shillings. While Jefferson built a log cabin there to use as a retreat for himself and guests, visitors came from around the globe to see the site validating its place on 19th and 20th century Natural Wonders of the World lists. Jefferson himself hosted some very impressive guests: John Marshall, James Monroe, Henry Clay, Sam Houston, and Martin van Buren. Want a different look at the bridge? Check this out – American landscape painter, Frederic Edwin Church did this beautiful painting of the Natural Bridge in 1852.

If you want to know more about visiting the Natural Bridge, check out the Hogan’s post! Thanks Hogan family for bringing them along and sharing your picture!

Want to take the Flat Littles with you? Check out this post and send me an email!


  1. […] The Hogan family sure were kind and brought the Flat Littles on their whole journey, including this next stop at Cummins Falls State Park in Tennessee. According to, Cummins Falls State Park has been listed as one of the top ten swimming spots in the United States by Travel & Leisure and Conde Naste magazines. The park contains Tennessee’s eighth largest waterfall at 75 feet tall. The Hogans report it was a long, strenuous hike, so no pictures of them from the waterfall. If you’re feeling adventurous, this looks like a beautiful spot to hit in Tennessee. And not just beautiful, it has history rooted in the Revolutionary War, Native American buffalo hunting, and the milling industry. It only recently became a state park in 2011. […]

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