You Know You're a Homeschooler When…

… your children cheer the arrival of the box full of new curriculum, quickly search the box to claim their new math book, and proceed to carry it around with them for the remainder of the day (or longer if you let them). : )


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    Ha! You know you’re a homeschooler if the next thing they do is take the box and re-purpose it for an art project, a rocketship, a house, a fort, etc. Love, love, love getting new curriculum! :o)

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      Aren’t you just glad? I’m so glad they’re eager with math! It was never my favorite, so I’m always hoping they’ll run with it.

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    I was originally planning to have Levi work in something different this year, but when David’s Saxon package came in and there wasn’t one for him, he looked up at me with the saddest eyes. (Doh! Of course he needs something that looks like what his brothers are using!) Needless to say, he now has Saxon K in his desk. LOL!

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      Hah! I love it! Of course is right! My guys are the same way. How old is Levi? My Oliver is 4, so he’s starting with CC this year. Because of this, he thinks he’s starting everything. I had to get him a saxon k too! 🙂

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