Cycle 2 Memory Work Lapbooks Review and Giveaway

UPDATE: Congrats to Ina Daniels Patton, winner of the lapbook giveaway! Ina has been contacted via email.  Thanks to everyone who visited & entered! 

Karen from Wisdom and Righteousness contacted me with a chance to review the My Memory Work Lapbooks she created to complement Classical Conversations Cycle 2.  I was excited to take a look and share about them with all of you! There are 4 lapbooks full of cycle 2 memory work, each 6 week sections.  Karen provides clear, detailed instructions on how to print and assemble the lapbooks, including an option to make a “binder-book” instead of a lapbook.  I decided to pursue the “binder-book” option for our family using a 3-ring binder and pocket dividers as Karen suggested.  The pocket dividers are helpful for holding all the bits waiting for assembly.

I’ve printed and assembled the first 6 weeks.  My printer does not like cardstock, so I printed on copy paper and glued them to cardstock for sturdiness.  This is our family’s first serious try with lapbooks, so I’d like to test the waters for a while once our CC year starts before I print the remaining weeks.  

Here’s what I already know I like:

1. The lapbooks are visually appealing, using full color relevant images and a variety of paper folds.

2.  The lapbooks stick strictly to the memory work and employ classical methods of tracing and copy work to aid in memorization.

I suspect my oldest will enjoy mixing up his daily memory work review by using these lapbooks.  I’ll update you on how we’re using it throughout the year.  In the meantime, enter here to win your own copy of all 4 lapbooks for a complete set of My Memory Work Lapbooks for Cycle 2. 

Also, if you have a moment, check out Karen’s thoughts on having a “one-piece life.” I found it so uplifting.  

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  1. Anonymous says

    I’m new to this. I’ve seen some lapbooks and seen activity sheets and games in page protectors for dry erase work. Not familiar with binder books. Could you explain this or direct me to it? Is is lapbooks punched for ring binders?

    Thanks. Luci

    • says

      Yes, Luci! You would essentially take the lapbook materials, affix them to card stock, and hole punch the cardstock to add to a 3 ring binder. The pocket dividers allow each subject to have its own section. We do a lot of notebooking so this just made more sense to me! Is that helpful? If you also go to the Wisdom and Righteousness site linked above, you can see more pictures of the books in action.

  2. says

    Last year I was a CC tutor and my family participated in a community. My youngest son worked on a lapbook one or two days a week. This year we are going to do CC at home, in conjunction with other homeschool activities and would like to incorporate a lapbook in our review time.

  3. Anonymous says

    I need this, first year with CC and tutor too, this will help me soooooo much.


  4. says

    We’re new to homeschool and CC this fall, so I’m not sure yet if we’ll be lapbooking!! But I’m sure I’ll give it a go once we get the hang of things after a couple months!

  5. says

    I’ve done one lapbook with my kiddos. It was really nice to have for review time. (My daughter also took hers with her to CC for one of her presentations, so that was also nice.) I’d love to try to incorporate more lapbooking into our schooling.

  6. says

    We tried lapbook out once and our kids had a lot of fun with them. I think it’s a fun way to review and learn school subjects. This looks very fun!!

  7. Anonymous says

    This is our first year using lapbooking and I’m still wondering why it has taken me so long to bring these into our school! Thank you for offering this giveaway!! kimberlymilton at hotmail dot com

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