What We're Doing – Week 22 Links & Ideas


History – Watch this video on the history of Canada (I have not watched the entire video yet, so please use discretion!).  Use this Canada Day word search to review the history of Canada.  We’ll check some books out of the library to learn more about Canada.  If I find any favorites, I’ll share the titles with you! If you already have some favorites, please share in the comments!

Latin – We’ll continue to use these free printables for review.

English – I love all the ideas on learning linking verbs shared by The Adventures of Bear.  I think we’ll watch the video explaining linking verbs and complete one of the underline the answer worksheets for the linking verbs.

Math – I just love the Khan Academy videos.  So, we’ll watch the commutative law of addition and of multiplication videos.  Then we’ll demonstrate how the law works using different color math manipulatives.

Science – Complete this cold and warm front foldable after watching this video and this video explaining weather fronts.  My husband loves talking about meteorology, so I’m thinking he’ll engage our littles in some conversation around this topic too.  Good thing ’cause it’s yet another thing I’m learning more about right alongside my littles.  

Geography – Draw blob maps of the canadian waters and fill in the color painting with water colors.

Fine Arts – Using the resources compiled by Classical Composers Monthly, we’ll learn more about Mozart.  We’ll also visit this biography page about Mozart, which includes 3 beautiful samples of his music.  

Note: Don’t forget to check out my review and giveaway of Classical Composers Monthly, which will end on March 13, 2013 at 11:59pm! Enter to win!

So, my oldest is pondering the idea of doing memory masters (his idea!) this year.  I’m totally excited and supportive!  I’m also waiting to see how hard he wants to work at it.  : )  If he’s serious, then I’m thinking it’s time for me to get serious about his review! I think he knows lots/most, but we usually review as a group.  My husband has volunteered to start reviewing with him individually at night (he loves this stuff!), so we’ll see how it goes! I think when the review starts to get more intense, we’ll be able to gauge his interest better.  What about you? Anyone going for memory masters? Want to share any advice with us? : )


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