What We're Doing – Week 19 Links & Ideas

Image – http://classicalconversationsathome.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/flag13colonies-300×216.jpg

History – Read about the history of the Anasazi people here and here.  

Use strips made from paper bags to weave like the Anasazi did.  

& Add another place to visit to our list of ideas as we plan to visit 50 states before they graduate

Latin – Complete copywork and place in notebook.  

Also, try implementing some of the great ideas for reviewing latin found here.  

English – Continue our helping verb story using journal pages found here.

Math – Dip plastic cup rims into shallow plates of paint to stamp circles onto thick paper. Allow the littles to make whatever pattern they like.  We’ll practice reciting the area of a circle equation while painting.

Science – Read about ocean habitats here.  Look at this image of the three ocean zones.

Sort pictures of ocean life into the 3 zones, using animal flashcards, online marine life photos, and our own drawings.  We may also do a notebook version of this by gluing pictures onto a paper divided into 3 segments.

Geography – Complete this worksheet or this worksheet of the original 13 colonies. 

Possibly play around on this interactive website about the original 13 colonies.

Considering if watching Monumental will be good or too advanced for my littles.   

Fine Arts – I love this image of an orchestra arrangement and instruments.  I plan to print it out for discussion with my littles. 

I’m also thinking about printing this printable book pack, which Melody shared.  Isn’t it great?  [Update:Please note the oboe and the clarinet images from the Zin Zin Vocabulary Words are switched.  Someone else commented to the cards’ creator, so hopefully they will be corrected.  In the meanwhile, I don’t want any littles learning these two instruments incorrectly!]

Plus we’ll be sure to spend time being musical ourselves with instruments we have around the home. Bonus! – My father-in-law happens to be a former music teacher and plays many instruments. So, I’m hoping for some musical time with him during the grandparents’ regular visit.  Knowing how much he loves music and his grandlittles, I’m sure he’ll oblige. : )

Week 19? Can you believe it? The end of the CC year is coming near!  Enjoy it before it’s gone!



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