What We're Doing – Week 18 Links & Ideas


History – Watch this 5 minute video about the Mound Builders. Ask my children to recount something they learned during the video which I can then transcribe for them on journal paper.  

If your children are older, you might like to complete this reading and worksheet.

Add the serpent mound of Ohio to our list of places to visit? 

Latin – Copy the Latin noun declensions and add to notebook.

English – Continue with our helping verb story.  

Science – Read about the ocean floor here and in our Earth Science Study Unit

Watch the (so beautiful!) ocean deep DVD from the Planet Earth series. We own the series, but these can often be found at your local library!

Make a model using a wax paper lined casserole dish, clay, and water based on this image.  

Math – Learn the flocabulary rap for the area of a triangle.  Because who among us doesn’t need more “hip hop in the classroom?” : )

Draw some triangles on graph paper using our triangles.  Calculate the area of our triangles.

Geography – Found this BrainPop video on Mesoamerica, but it does require a membership to view.  BrainPop has some free content, but I’m starting to consider a membership.  Do any of you have one? Reviews?

We will continue to review our geography using our maps and small candies to mark the locations.

If time permits, this post is full of free printable lapbook activities on Mesoamerica.

Fine Arts – Draw tall people, El Greco style!

Looks like another great week of learning to me! 


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      Thanks Michelle for the review! I messaged the company to see if there is any difference between the family subscription and a homeschool subscription, because there is a difference in cost. Hopefully I’ll hear back soon! : )


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