How We Review – Our Custom CC Playlist

At home, I try to implement a variety of different memory techniques; much the same way the tutors do during CC community day.  For example, visual cues, physical motions, music, repetition, review games, etc.  Hands down, one of the easiest ways we review is listening to our memory music.  With inspiration from a friend and help from my husband, we’ve made memory music review even easier by creating a custom playlist – which I call our CC Compilation Mix.

As you know, the CC Audio CD (by design) does not have music for each subject.  But, we like to review all of our memory work by music.  1) Because it’s fun and 2) Because one of my little scholars really learns well through music.  So, we’ve found memory work music for the remaining subjects by Beth Fox.  I understand there are also plenty of other memory work music options found on CC Connected. So, find a style you like & make your own memory work compilation mix!

Here’s how we did it — 

1) Loaded all songs from both albums to iTunes and created a playlist. 

2) Broke them into individual tracks by subject. In some cases, renamed the tracks with individual week names. Because, as you know, some memory work is repeated (latin).  

3) Ordered the tracks by subject – the same order repeated for each week. So, week 1 – history, math, latin, english, science, and geography.  Week 2 – the same!

We love our CC Compilation Mix & listen to it often!  Ours can be found on our iPods and iPhones, but it can easily be burned to a CD.

{ PS – I tried to explain this well, but my understanding of it is limited. Ha! : ) I’m just the ideas, my husband is the brains & braun! Please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll forward them on to him. : ) }


    • says

      Yes, I understand! : ) So, Beth Fox is a CC mom (not sure which campus) who I heard about from other moms highly recommending her music at the first practicum I attended. She uses familiar tunes to put the memory work to music, records it & makes the CDs available to other CC families. She has a great voice and the CDs are very well done. We used her music, along with the CC music, our first year and now I can’t imagine doing all the memory work without her CD! Her contact info from the CD is Hope that helps!

  1. says

    I totally understand. We do the same and make a playlist for each cycle. I have a review playlist as well so that after we finish a week, I filter that week into there. I found out real quick, there is no way to look for subjects while driving the vehicle!!! Yikes!

  2. Samantha Grosvenor says

    Hi I am trying to get a hold of Beth Fox to buy her Cd for my campus this year for cycle1, but I cannot get a hold of her. Is there anyway to get her music another way besides directly through her? Is there any easier way to contact her than by email. Please help!!! Our campus wants that cd so badly!!
    Samantha Grosvenor

  3. Samantha Grosvenor says

    Would you be able to send me a copy of her cd or is that illegal? I am not sure. Our campus really wants her cd again.

  4. mj says


    I would love to get ahold of beth fox as well. The email listed for her might be old?


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