Field Trip – Adventure Aquarium

Along with friends from our CC group, we recently visited the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ.  A few times a year the Adventure Aquarium offers “homeschool weeks” which allow for discounted rates to homeschool families, $10 per person versus the general admission prices of $18 per child and $24 per adult (over the age of 12). Because we booked as a group, we were also able to reserve lunch room space (that was a bit chaotic in reality, but good in theory!).  So, it’s a great deal & we think, well worth the trip! 

The aquarium is enthralling, don’t you think? The littles especially loved watching the hippos swim back and forth (and poop – boys!).  They really are one of the coolest animals!

Touching all sorts of underwater creatures was another highlight.  Even my little miss was brave enough to touch a sting ray.  Well, actually, I think he surprised her cause she thought she was just playing in the water. : ) But, she didn’t complain!

Aren’t sea jellies so beautiful? I think I could watch them for hours.

Oh & we saw this sea dragon, which by the way, I did not know existed.  Sea horses, yes.  Sea dragons, no.  How cool is he? 

Adventure Aquarium has some fun interactive exhibits.  Here one of my littles is being silly with a friend in a dome which allows them to be “inside” a fish tank. 

& Since the aquarium is located at the Camden waterfront, we enjoyed some great views of Philadelphia from inside the aquarium & just outside too. 

P.S. – I should mention that besides taking in all the great sights, I did quiz my littles periodically to identify different facts – vertebrates/invertebrates, animal reproduction, etc. – and I also pointed out different things, like the use of Latin on the name placards, species, etc.  Wouldn’t be a homeschooling mom if I didn’t, right? ; ) 

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