Stick in the Sand

I read Leigh Bortins' The Core over the summer along with The Well Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise.  Both books had such a grounding effect on my thoughts for teaching my children and really connected the dots for me about classical education.  So, in the midst of all the planning, and as we prepare to start at … [Read more...]

Cycle One Reading

Reference BooksNary a day goes by that this book isn't flipped through and its beautiful images studied.  It was an inspired birthday present from my parents for my children and it sits on our coffee table for regular browsing.  And believe me, it gets plenty of attention - unprompted by me.  Without a doubt, a favorite book of my … [Read more...]

Summer Reading

Connecting the DotsLast year was my second year homeschooling and my first year as part of a Classical Conversations community.  When I first heard about classical education, I thought it sounded like the opposite of everything I had envisioned for homeschooling my children.  However, some of my favorite homeschooling mamas were already … [Read more...]

Week 18 – On Our Bookshelf

On Our BookshelfDon't you just love bringing home a new stack of books from the library? The boys & I are so excited to dig into reading these titles.  We've already gotten started in a few.  The Periodic Table book has cool graphics, which my boys are enamored by! What books are you reading together this week? … [Read more...]

Week 16 – History

History Read AloudThroughout this week we've been reading, If Your Name Was Changed at Ellis Island by Ellen Levine, to learn more about our history sentence for week 16.  It's been very informative & led to many questions from the boys.  I'm hoping we can follow up this new knowledge with a family field trip to Ellis Island … [Read more...]