How I Teach Music and Art Appreciation to My Children

I hear from a lot of people that teaching art and music appreciation intimidates them.  I try to explain that it really is not a big deal, because if you could see how I personally go about doing that in our home I am positive you would boldly say that it wasn't as difficult as it sounded, and you could do that too!  Really!  I just … [Read more...]

At Home with the Classical Method – Why Classical Education?

I'm making some progress in understanding classical education and supplanting the modes of traditional education in my mind.  I can tell, because I'm *starting* to be able to converse with others about classical education without looking at my notes. : ) Good, right?  I'm also beginning to form ideas of what this will look like for our family over … [Read more...]

Why The Arts Are An Integral Part of Our Curriculum

Guys, please welcome back guest blogger, Christy Lindsay.I don’t know about you, but I think most of us have our list of “important subjects” that have to get done during the day.  We have those boxes that must be checked off and then and only then, if we still have time, we will fit in the “extra stuff” like music or art or maybe some … [Read more...]

Shining Eyes

Guys, I'm super excited to introduce you to my friend and fellow CC mom, Christy Lindsay.  Christy has five lovely littles and one adoring husband.  The class she taught at our local practicum was inspiring and encouraging.  It left me wanting to think and talk about the arts even more.  More importantly, it left me in awe … [Read more...]

Answering Why Do I Homeschool

"Why do I homeschool?" Erin Barry, our 3 day parent practicum speaker, asked us this question on the first morning.  She said finding the answer in July would carry us through the entirety of the following school year.  Erin asked us another question, "When did you know you really believed in this homeschool idea?"  For me, … [Read more...]