How We Review – Our Custom CC Playlist

At home, I try to implement a variety of different memory techniques; much the same way the tutors do during CC community day.  For example, visual cues, physical motions, music, repetition, review games, etc.  Hands down, one of the easiest ways we review is listening to our memory music.  With inspiration from a friend and help … [Read more...]

What We're Doing – Review Games

Our family was blessed to spend time traveling and with family this Thanksgiving - two of our favorite things! We're excited to spend even more time over the upcoming holiday season enjoying those two things again.However, in all our celebrating, we don't want to lose all the things we've worked hard to memorize over these first several weeks. … [Read more...]

Week One – English Grammar Review

To review our english grammar memory work, we made a sentence chain.  Since prepositions link words in a sentence together, I thought this would be a simple way to review, "What is a preposition?," while connecting the concept to something concrete and literal.    I cut strips of paper from card stock and wrote one word on each … [Read more...]

There's an App for That

I've been pinning and researching different educational applications for iPads or iPhones.  I envision these apps being used as treats and brain breaks for 5-15 minute increments in our school days. Here are some of the best apps I've found and some are even applicable to our course of study this year!1) Ansel & Clair's Adventures in … [Read more...]

How We Do Review – Grammar by Subject

For this second How We Do Review post, I'll be sharing how we review grammar at home for each of the seven subjects covered through CC - history, latin, english, science, math, geography, and fine arts.  I divide up or group the subjects based on how much time I think we'll need for each one and how our extra activities factor in to our time. … [Read more...]

How We Do Review – Timeline

  As I'm sure you know, or you've heard, there is A LOT of grammar for your littles to learn each week.  And not only do you want them to learn the grammar for each new week, but you also want them to remember the grammar from the previous weeks.  How does one do that? Well, this is the system I worked out for our family last year & we … [Read more...]