Exploring Your Foundations Guide

New to Classical Conversations Foundations? Looking to figure out the organization of it all? Start simply. Start by exploring your Foundations guide front to back.  If you have yet to do this, you'll probably be surprised with all it has to offer.  When I first received my guide three years ago, I thought it simply contained the … [Read more...]

Considering Classical Conversations? Start Here!

We are wrapping up our third year as part of a Classical Conversations community now.  In this post, I'm going to do my best to share the basics of how a Classical Conversations community works.Classical Conversations is a Classical, Christian community education program for homeschool families designed with the goal to know God and … [Read more...]

Do Not Grow Weary in Grammar, for in Due Time Ye Shall Reap

I've enjoyed many of Courtney Sanford's articles on the Classical Conversations Writers Circle, like Challenge: The Icing on the Cake (How to Manage Foundations, Essentials, and Challenge at the Same Time) and The Art of Going to the Art Museum.  I'm excited to share with you here today an article from Courtney as part of … [Read more...]

Foundations Guide Updates

3rd Edition, anyone?Okay, so along with my husband, I decided to keep my 3rd edition Foundations Guide that served our family well last year.  Which meant, I spent my Friday night adding updates to the grammar.  If you're keeping your 3rd edition too, be encouraged! It didn't take long at all.  Some I simply penned in, because they … [Read more...]