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Our Simple Summer Learning Plans

  At the end of each school year, I pencil out a simple, summer schedule. Mostly full of hopes for our summer and a tiny bit of intentional learning. This year, I’m keeping it even more simple than ever before. Because I’ve learned something this year. I don’t want more, I want more in our less. I want to pick some really good stuff and … [Read more...]


Our Plans for Summer Learning 2015

I'm a find what works and stick with it kind of girl, so it might not surprise you to know much of our summer plans are the same as last year. And our goal is most definitely the same: We're taking a summer break without taking a brain break. All that said, here's what this summer looks like for us --   Math: We're using Life of Fred as a … [Read more...]


My Summer Reading List

You've seen my summer plan for my littles, now here's the summer plan for me!  Between planning our CC year and having a new baby, I'm hoping to squeeze in some reading.  In no certain order, the books on my shortlist right now are...1. Carry On, Mr. Bowditch by Jean Lee Latham  This classic historical tale of Nat Bowditch occurring … [Read more...]


Our Plan for Summer Learning

We won't really be finished our regular school work (well, only math really) until the end of May.  Mainly due to my limitations, we needed to slow it down a few times this year for math instruction, so we'll be going a little longer than originally planned.  While we wrap that up, I've been excitedly pulling together plans for our summer … [Read more...]


My Summer Short List – Forming New Habits!

I love saving up big projects for summer.  One of my big projects every summer is teaching my littles new habits.  When our pace is slower and schedules looser, it allows me to patiently teach my littles the skills they need for the new habits without eating into our school day.  When these habits are well formed, it frees me up from … [Read more...]


Summer Learning

Olympic ExcitementThere has been plenty of olympic excitement in my house! How about yours? Here are a few ideas I've pinned that you might want to include in your summer.  It's kind of like getting an early start on ancient history, right?Olympic lapbookOlympic craft ideasOlympic cupcakes, anyone? Why not! :) … [Read more...]


Summer Learning

Travel AdventuresOver the summer, we've taken trips to a few places nearby that corresponded to events or places we learned about in cycle 3.  We still have a few more on our wish list, but we're running out of time!  How about you? Any fun summer travel trips taken or planned? p.s. - Don't you just love Brandy's idea of traveling … [Read more...]


Summer Reading

Connecting the DotsLast year was my second year homeschooling and my first year as part of a Classical Conversations community.  When I first heard about classical education, I thought it sounded like the opposite of everything I had envisioned for homeschooling my children.  However, some of my favorite homeschooling mamas were already … [Read more...]

Summer Work – Classical Conversations Practicum 2012

Classical Conversations PracticumI just registered myself for the summer CC practicum & my littles for the CC day camps near my home.  Lucky for us, the practicum & day camps are being held at our local CC campus, SO... 1) it'll be a short drive (with a Dunkin Donuts en route!), 2) I'll know most, if not all, of the … [Read more...]


Cycle 3 Book List

When we begin Classical Conversations Cycle 3 in the fall, my littles will be ages 3, 6, 8, 10, and 11. This is our second time through this cycle and my oldest son's last time. I've decided to create a book list all my own this year. (As opposed to previous years where I've layered over an AO list.)  I have consulted my best "book buds" -  Five in … [Read more...]