Unique + Fun Ideas for Children’s Easter Baskets

When I’m thinking Easter basket stuffers, I like to thing in two ways: special, unique ideas I’ve been saving up, and fun things my kids will already need or use in the upcoming spring or summer months. I certainly won’t use all the ideas I’ve been loving & storing up, but wanted to share some of the fun, unique ideas I’ve found in case any of it sounds good to you! After all, friends sharing their finds is exactly how I get my lists.

Lily and Thistle Paper Dolls – the everything bundle is on sale right now for just under $30 and includes 25 dolls and 181 outfits. Because it’s a file you print yourself, this could be split into multiple little gifts (like Valentine’s Day or for a birthday party) or reprinted if a doll or outfit gets ripped accidentally. I love that!

Little Biscuits Dress Me Notepads – How cute are these? I think my daughter & her friends would get a kick out of drawing on these. Think of the possibilities! Handmade matching game, custom gift tags, story characters, etc.

Tiny Theologians cards – They’re having a great sale this week and I ordered the ABCs of Theology, One with Christ cards, and Big Words of the BIble.

Rock Blocks – I’m all about finding toys that my 4 year old all the way up to my 13 year old can play with & I believe these rock blocks are just that. They’re simple, but challenging & there’s no right or wrong way to play with them. Love!

Flower Press – These look easy to make, right? I’m hoping my husband has time to make one or two. If not, this is a pretty option.

Travel Chalk Full of Design Boards – These have a distinct educational purpose, but the freedom to use them in fun imaginative ways. The travel size will be great for our road trips, and sideline hangs.

We Are the Gardeners – Spring is here, and we have plans to launch a small garden. I think this sweet book will be a nice companion to our planning.

Newton’s Cradle – One of my boys really wanted one of these recently, so putting it in his basket is just a fun way to say I heard you. I care about what you want.

All of these nature inspired card games are my jam, and I’m thinking of adding a few among the baskets. Match a Track Card Game, Flower Families: A Go Fish Game, and Butterfly Wings: A Matching Game. We got the Bird Bingo a little while back, and we love it.

Oh & this game, which I’ve wanted for too long – Ideal 4 Way Countdown Game.

Some fun staples that have made their way into our Easter baskets over the years: goggles, garden seeds, sunflower seeds (for baseball games), sidewalk chalk, flip flops, sunglasses, and bubbles.

And of course, I always have a wish list of books. My list is longer than we need that’s for sure, so some narrowing down will happen soon. But before that starts, please tell me your ideas. : ) Also, do you and your husband stuff baskets for each other? When we plan ahead, we still do. I helped my husband out by ordering a Sally Clarkson book I’ve had my eye on for a while.



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