Gift Ideas for a Homeschool Mom

Okay, really, this is just my (homeschool) mom gift wish list, but maybe it’ll spark some ideas for you too. Hun, are you reading this?

1. Magnolia Cookbook – My Instagram buddy, Ida Mundell, is cooking her way through this cookbook and making me hungry with each delicious looking picture.

2. Benjamin Franklin almanac – After reading this one from the library, I immediately wanted my own copy. I love the truisms found in all the quotes from Franklin.

3. Clutch purse – I’m traveling lighter these days in this post diaper and wipes era. As I’m making an effort to simplify, I love the versatility this bag offers. I regularly  use a crossbody bag. I hardly have a dressy affair, but when I do, I can remove the strap & use this as a clutch.

4. Homebody sweatshirt or t-shirt – Cozy sweatshirt (or t-shirt) perfect for my professional choice. 😉

5. Spider plant  Snake plant – Winter always troubles a few of us in the family with our breathing issues. Thought me and my black thumb would try a couple of these reputedly air purifying, nearly indestructible plants.

6. Gold hoop earrings – Because they go with everything.

7. Sylvan Clay mug – How gorgeous are these mugs? I’m not sure I’m yet responsible enough for such a nice mug, but they sure are pretty.

8. Yearly bracelet – This is big time wish list dreaming, because we’re 15 years in & I don’t have a 1 yet. But, boy do I love me some bangles & these simple beauties look like perfection.

9. Smart phone tripod – Large family living and traveling necessitates that I have one of these.

10. Everyday Watercolor or How to Draw Modern Florals – Creative outlets like these are exactly how I seek to continue learning and yet resting. Perfect for my mother culture.

11. Back and Neck Massager – I have scoliosis and persistent neck pain. I hope this helps.

12. GraceLaced Brass Cuff – If you don’t yet love Ruth Simmons, you need to check out all her things. She is known for her art, but her words are equally captivating. God has truly used her words again and again in my life. We have an art print and book from her that we love, but being able to wear her art and words as a beautiful cuff? Well, sign me up! (I can’t decide which design I want more!)

13. Walker Family Goods Arrow Pack and t-shirt – We are a traveling family.  I love this family’s designs and purpose. The t-shirt is darn cute and would be so fun for our road trips.

14. Wild and Free monthly subscription – I’ve found the most uplifting homeschooling mamas in the Wild & Free community and our goals align. This could be considered part inspiration + part quarterly professional assessment – am I staying on track with my purpose or getting distracted by things that don’t matter?

15. Snap Shop Online – Speaking of inspiring homeschool mamas, Ashley is right up there with the best. This is her photography course, which I currently subscribe to. So, this idea I’m sharing solely for you. Check it out.

I also have thrilling ideas like an egg tray for my instapot, this face roller I’m seeing everywhere, vitamins, and more books than I can count on my personal wish list. What’s on yours?




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